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Sep 23, 2013 at 04:55 PM

Setting a productive password in ABAP System


Hello all,

I've already written a post about this issue, but now I have an update.

Before when I tried to do a reset password I got this message : "Password for user xxxx changed, but not set as productive"

Now I don't get the message for the repository on which I have configured the SNC (which is normal) but in the SAP System the password is still initial.

Here is the setup of my Communication user between IDM and SAP System :

User Type : communication

Auth : SAP_ALL / SAP_NEW + SAP_BC_SEC_IDM_COMMUNICATION + SAP_BW_DEVELOPER (Just to be sure the user has everything needed, I'm thinking to S_USER_GRP with activity 'PP')

SU01 : SNC tab configured

As I don't get the error message in Identity Center that the password is not sent as productive I think the SNC is correctly set up.

To me the User is also correctly setup.

I've added the entry in the table : USRACLEXT

i put sequence number 000 (i don't know what it is) and p:CN=IDM, OU=SAP, C=DE (as when i registered my pse).

What did I missed ?

I'm using HTTP instead of HTTPS connection for IDM, does it matter ?

Thx for your help.