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SAP HR Payroll

Hi SAP Experts,

I am sriram working in a private sector for a support come development project, we have time management and Payroll module, i am fresher has 1.5 exp in SAP, i learnt a lot in OM, PA, i was struggling to understand Time management and its schema parts and all when we took the support, but with the help of SCN experts, especially Woody,Omid,Shiva gave me a green light to understand those things., now i am able to write PCR's schema and all in Time Managment understand the process too.

Now i have decided to learn Payroll, in order to learn that, what are the things i  should go through, is there any links which make me understand the payroll part from the basics like how i learnt in time management

For example to do a simple configuration like

basic salary 0008 and one additional wage type 0015 , what should i do,

Can any one throw me a very good document or link from basic, it would be really great that i can learn , i pick myself up other things posting query in SCN,

Can any one give me a good way how to learn and become master in that,  as of now i dont have choice to do any implementation in payroll, but i should understand if any small developments come in Payroll, at least i have confidence that i can handle payroll schema too,

Sorry for putting big query here, but i did with hope.



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4 Answers

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    Sep 23, 2013 at 04:52 PM

    Start by searching this site (specially the Wikis) for documentation on Payroll in your Country, but also look at and other sites on the web.  Lots of links have been pasted in the HCM Discussion Forum (and probably in the "Core HR and Payroll" sub-sections).

    Also use the IMG to learn.

    For example, try the following paths :

       Personnel Management > Personnel Administration > Payroll Data > Basic Pay > Wage Types > Create wage type catalog

       Personnel Management > Personnel Administration > Payroll Data > Additional Payments > Wage Types > Create wage type catalog

       Payroll > Payroll: Your country > Basic settings > Environment for Maintaining Wage Types ...

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    Former Member
    Sep 23, 2013 at 07:18 PM

    Hi Sriram ,

    Adding the net payroll.

    Once you copied the wage types std to custom (Hourly pay rate, balance wage types, deduction wage types....) you need to perform the how the wage types are working!!!!

    and my complete experience is only USA Payroll,Time mgt,CATS /ESS,MSS.

    I am responding your thread only USA payroll way.

    Now the net payroll,

    1) In USA, all tax related information is tie uped with BSI , this is the 3rd party. BSI(calculates the employee tax and send back to sap that will stores in /7XX series),

    check the link:WWW.BSI.COM for your reference.

    this is completely taxiation part, check the processing class 69,70,71.

    Master data infotypes : IT207,IT208,IT209 and IT210

    Standard schema - UTX0

    2) Garnishments : simply called as Court orders ( child support, diverse case and credit card payments) Processing class 59 and 60.

    Master data infotypes : IT194,IT195 and IT216

    Standard schema : UGRN

    3) Run the payroll by using PC00_M10_CALC ( here 10 is usa country grouping) or go to SE38 enter the standard report RPCALCU0 and execute

    Payroll schema is U000 and time schema is XT00

    4) Create a remuneration statement (PC00_M10_CEDT) or standard program RPCEDTU0

    for customising the payslip use PE51 , create you own as per client standards.

    5) Finance postings : - Control record should be exit mode than only posting run successfully, to check the  control record use transaction code PA03.

    Each wage type is assigned to symbolic account , symbolic account is assigned to GL account.

    PC00_M99_CIPE is the standard tranx or use the report RPCIPE00

    check the documents are posted or not use the transaction code PCP0.

    6) Bank Transfers : -  Consists of DME and Pre DME , print employee cheque

    DME - Once payroll is completed and you have set the control record to Exit Payroll, the pre program DME file has been run, the next step is to generate and create the direct deposit file to send to the bank.

    Transaction : PC00_M99_FPAYM

    Print employee check - PC00_M10_FFOC

    Pre DME - evalute the payresult and creats the payments.

    Transaction : PC00_M10_CDTC  or use standard program RPCDTC0

    Print Employee Check : Employees who do not have direct deposit are paid by check. When the payroll has run, its results have been validated.

    Transaction : PC00_M10_FFOC

    7) Third party remittance :   check the transaction PC00_M10_URME

    check the below link:

    Hope you clear the payroll and let me know any issues or confusions on payroll.



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    Former Member
    Sep 23, 2013 at 06:57 PM

    Hi Sriram,

    Thanks !!!!!

    In payroll perspective, Time mgt is same for all countries whereas payroll is different for each country.

    What we did in time, we captured the hours and send to payroll team, Now payroll team calculates the amounts to the employees.

    Please find the below impartant points:

    - Check the county grouping (MOLGA) , say for example India=40, USA= 10, Canada=07, can set up in user profile . MOL = parameter value.

    - Basically payroll can be divided into two ways.

    1) Gross payroll

    2) Net Payroll

    Gross Payroll : -  Based on your client requirements you have to copy the standard technical wage types to our custom wage types.

    OH11 or PU30 is the transaction code , you have to copy the wage types.

    Basically wage types are two types - Model wage types and technical wage types.

    Model wage types are starts with M and technical wage types are starts from '/'

    Check the table V_512W_D, V_512W_O, V_512W_B.

    Note: - when ever you copy the standard wage type to custom wage types all Processing , cumulation and evaluation class should be copied , based on you requirement you need to change those classes.

    Technical wage types :-

    /0XX Series--- assignment of valuation basis

    /1XX series-- cumulaitons

    /2XX series - Averages

    - /3XX - Total gross wages

    /4XX series - tax

    /5XX series -- net amt calculation

    /6XX - Gross wages less pre-tax deduction

    - /7XX - Reportable taxable amount calculated by BSI.

    /8XX -- Factoring

    - /NXX - Tax calculated, but not taken.

    (/HXX - Tip income processing)  

    - /IXX - Deduction from a previous period that was not reduced.  

    - /QXX - Wages that are taxable but not subject to withholding.

    (/UXX - Tip income processing).

    Processing classes Processing classes are used during payroll calculations. There are numerous processing classes and the principal ones should be known to you as a payroll consultant. Look at the SAP standard wage types starting with a letter to see which processing classes have been assigned in those wage types to get an idea of the most important ones. The table which holds these items is V_512W_D. 

    Evaluation classes Evaluation classes are used post-processing of payroll. Take a look at the SAP standard wage types to see the most important evaluation classes. The table which holds these items is V_512W_D.

    Cumulation classes Cumulation classes are used in payroll processing. In simple terms they can be likened to buckets which amounts are added to. Each cumulation class corresponds to a specific technical wage type. The technical wage type is always a value of 100 more than the cumulation class.



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    Former Member
    Sep 23, 2013 at 07:23 PM

    I forget to add the off cycle activity ,

    company pays bonus to employees, we need to perform the offcycle acivity.

    Transaction code is PUOC_10.

    you have to maintain the wage type in IT0015 and the offcycle report.



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