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Sep 29, 2005 at 06:22 AM

Text not transfered through Interface...


Hi Experts:

We have created an interface between two SAP installations. The PO Created in one system should be converted and posted as an SO in the other server.

Here we have two scenarions;

1. In Outbound server, an SO will be created, it will be converted to PR and PO will be genetared automatically and will be sent to second server as SO through Idoc. This is working fine, and SO is posted in second server with all the data incuding Text.

2. In Outbound server,We create a PO manually and send it to another Server. Here all the data is getting posted in SO instead of the Text.

Here basically the customised PO text Id (F07)in Outbound Server is 3 characters. The same is being passed on to the other server, (The recieving

Side Idoc is having all the data including the text, text object and text type). But it is not getting posted to the the sales Order.

The sales Order Text ID is 4 char(ZITP) ( The Po text Id being passed is different to the SO text Id ).