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SAP BI 4.1 Sp1 Analysis for OLAP RRI


I was under the impression the "Go To" functionality would start working from BI 4.1.

The option appears when i use a BEx query that currently has a jump build in but I get 2 different error messages.

But when I click on it I get different errors.

  1. With 2 Web Template/HTML target report: P_QYYVCA01_C_FSSR026_015A

This one gives a very unhelpful error message ;-)

2. With Query target report: P_QYWFFI0140_MIFSSR006_001 link to P_QYWFFI0140_MIFSSR006_003

Error message gives a clue but surely it is not expecting a BICS connection? I am using a system BW connection so it has access to the BW query and the Go To sees the report as it offers it as an option.

Thanks a lot


AOLAP.JPG (52.6 kB)
Error 1.JPG (15.2 kB)
error 2.JPG (16.1 kB)
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    Sep 23, 2013 at 10:40 AM

    Hi Nicolas,

    Did you set up sender-receiver on the BW backend using RSBBS?

    Just wanted to clarify.

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    • Hello Nicolas

      I have personally validated that AOLAP will "Go To" a BEx Web template and pass parameters using RRI.

      The following is a sequence of screenshots that show the necessary steps.

      Here is AOLAP connected to an example query "OLAP_QRY_SENDER" on system R79. I have right-clicked on "England" and the "Go To" menu shows all of the available RRI links associated with the "OLAP_QRY_SENDER". However, none of them link to a BEx Web Template so lets add that.

      I use SAP GUI to logon to the R79 system and enter transaction "RSBBS". This is the transaction that is used to administer RRI definitions.

      When the "Maintain Sender/Receiver Assignment" screen appear, enter the name of the query. In our example it is "OLAP_QRY_SENDER". This will display a list of all current RRI assignments for this query. Notice that this list is the same as shown in the screenshot of the AOLAP context menu above.

      We want to add a new RRI assignment to a BEx Web template so click on "Create".

      Choose your target system (typically "Local"), select "BEx Web Application" as the Report Type and then enter the name of the BEx Web template. Click "Apply".

      The new BEx Web template will now appear in the list. Double click on it to change the Field Assignments. Often you don't need to do anything here however in my example I am only going to pass in a value for Country and not Product Type. So Country remains of type "Generic" while Product Type is set to type "X Delete". Click "Apply".

      Finally click on "Save" to save your new BEx Web template assignment.

      When the "EA Shared BEx Web Receiver" web template is executed separately, this is what you see. Notice that "Country" is set to "Show All Values".

      Now go back to Analysis OLAP and open the query again. This time the "Go To" menu shows the added "EA Shared BEx Web Receiver".

      Notice from the above that the context menu was called from "England". When the  "EA Shared BEx Web Receiver" appears we see...

      Notice that the Country is filtered on "England"... so this report is showing a detailed breakdown of Order amount and Order Qty for each county in England.

      Let's do it again except this time we will choose "Canada".

      ... and the resulting BEx Web temaplate report is...

      The report is now showing a detailed breakdown of Order amount and Order Qty for each province in Canada.

      Hopefully the above will let you go back and investigate why your RRI link is not working.



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