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Sep 29, 2005 at 12:59 AM

Query Views



I am using <b><u>Bex Analyzer (Excel)</u></b>) as the Reporting Tool and have <b>assigned workbooks to roles:</b>

1) Is it right that <b>query views</b> can only be created when I have saved the query to a workbook?

2) What is the difference between "save view as jump target" and "save view global"

3<b>) Is there a way that every user can only see the views that he has created and none of other users</b>? If yes, how can I do that?

4) When I save a <b>query</b>- not a workbook - to a role my queries appear with the web-symbol in the menu of the role. I want the query to be saved as a Bex Analyzer (Excel) query. How do I do that?

I hope you can help me with all these questions. Thank you very much.