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Sep 22, 2013 at 02:34 AM

Process chain running on schedule or "on" demand



I have a process to load main Cubes content into a mirror image cube known as History cube. We intent to have only 2 month of data in the main cube. We do not have BWA or Hana. The PC has two branches, namely decision based running on the first Saturday of the Month and on demand. I have some issues with the latter, there will be an InfoObject in which the user can write in the master data table "Y". This indicates the PC should run via the second branch. This section will be used in the event the first branch failed during the weekend and the customer support guys need to run the PC in manual mode. It is envisaged there will be a ABAP program reading the InfoObject searching for the entry "Y" if so the PC should continue doing the load.

From here, I have a couple of questions how can I test today the day I am running is Saturday and it is the firs of the month? and secondly, What kind of event should I use to make the PC work efficiently?