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Former Member
Sep 28, 2005 at 07:31 PM

Table control - Vertical scrolling problem



I have a problem with enabling the vertical scrolling on a table control: The number of possible entries for the table control is unknown and the idea is to increase the the number of available lines with 5 each time a new line if filled to ensure that enough lines is available. In the screen-painter the Resizing property for Horizontal and Vertical have been selected.

table control declared as follows:

data: employees type tableview for screen '2100'.


MODULE set_tc_lines.

LOOP AT itab WITH CONTROL employees CURSOR employees- current_line.

MODULE move_to_tc.


MODULE set_tc_lines OUTPUT.

data: lin type i.

describe table itab lines lin.

employees-lines = lin + 5.


I tried to set the number of lines in the PAI as well but the vertical scrolling stays disabled e.g.

describe table itab lines employees-lines.


describe table itab lines.

employees-lines = lines + 5.

Neither option works.

I referred to example programs and it still doesnt want to work. The horizontal scrolling works fine, though. Is it possible that the vertical scrolling is restriced by the size of the subscreen on which the table control is placed? Should the number of lines be set in the PBO and PAI? (Development on 4.6C)