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Sep 20, 2013 at 12:22 PM

Return the ATP Situation table from CO09


I'm looking for a function that will return the ATP Situation table of CO09 (Availablity Overview). I have built some prototype code using BAPI_MATERIAL_AVAILABILITY, but so far have only been able to retrieve one line per material/plant (the ATP Stock) with a date from it. When I enter a material, plant, checking rule, and select "With Reqmts qtys", I want a FM to return the ATP Situation table that is displayed.

I've read other posts on possibly using ATP_CALCULATE_MDPS or ATP_CHECK_BASIS to do this, but I've been unable so far to determine what values are necessary in the input of those FMs to get them to return anything.

Any ideas on a FM that I can use, or a good spot to breakpoint in the CO09 code flow, to determine FM input values?

Ultimately, my goal is to loop over whatever function I can use to build a table of the ATP Situation data for all the materials. (It's for a data load to the BW system).

Thanks in advance.