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Sep 19, 2013 at 03:07 PM

setting to switch off check for "component error" of transport into LAB Prod Syst


I have just set up Charm.

Incident = ZMIN


Change doc = ZMHF

Everything work perfectly and I have my development system linked to a lab sytem where I can test the creation of Transports and the transport through lab Dev, Lab, Cns, Lab PRD.

Every thing is working perfect except for when importing the transport into LAB PRD system, I do get an error that transport cannot be imported due to component error. I circumvent this now by using STMS to import the transport into LAB PRD.

We are busy with Lab system refresh and lab PRD is not in sync with LAB dev iro to components and there is no urgency now to get these lab system syncronised.

I fully agree, that the component check is necessary, but is there a way to switch the check for component error "off" while testing the CHARM process in the lab boxes, so that I can test the import into PRD systems with CHARM and not via STMS.