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Sep 19, 2013 at 10:39 AM

Unable to Deploy HANA Calculative view in HANA Studio



I'm trying to create a CA view which is having one HANA table and one another CA view as a source. Both have similar columns and I'm doing union to get the output. While Deploying the information view I'm getting some error message and the status is showing "Completed with errors"

Can anyone help me or suggest something regarding the below issue:

Short Text

Creation of information view failed.


Dependent information views may not have been activated successfully.


1) Check if the dependent information views exist.

2) Additionally, check if the dependent information views are successfully activated.

Error Message

Internal deployment of object failed;Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;Internal Error:Create Scenario: failed aCalcEngine.createScenario(): The following errors occured: Inconsistent calculation model (34011)nDetails (Errors):

Rest of the information is showing that there is a datatype mismatch but I know its not as I have checked the data types as well.

Any suggestion how I can Validate and Deploy the CA view?