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Former Member
Sep 28, 2005 at 01:07 PM

Revert to previus version?


Hi all!

I have a rather big problem:

I have a project i have been working on in a while.

then i suddently got an error in my developer studio, and i had to reinstall the NWDS, therefore did a checkin on my current project, which had some failures, so that it could not be activated. (Activation failed)

after reinstalling NWDS, and tried to import the development configuration again, this went fine, but

when i click on my DC, en choose create project, a very <b>dirty</b> project is created.. (It has over 650 errors..) i do not know what has happened to my project, but it can not be build, i have tried to fix it, but the errors are really strange.

Has anyone tried something like this?

And, do anyone know how to revert a project back, to an earlier state where i knew it was working?

Help is much apreciated!

Kind regards

Ronni Hostrup