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Sep 19, 2013 at 02:23 AM

hyperlink in outlook


Hi All,

I have a hyperlink in my email that will be sent to outlook via workflow. Our SAPconnet has not been configured yet so I am just checking the email in SOST. The hyperlink works in SOST, but I am wondering if this will work in outlook. Will it open a SAP screen and ask for login? Or if I am already logged in, will it automatically open the tcode? I am currently using the code below:

'<A HREF="sap-object://CUST_TRAN ZME55 EBAN-BANFN=20000177">Click here to go to ZME55</A>'

I've come across this thread

It says that ' A hyperlink is used to open SAPGUI for HTML. To open SAPGUI for WINDOWS requires a shortcut attachment because it is not web-based it is based on a client application,i.e. SAP Logon.'

My client's requirement is a hyperlink. Is it still possible to open the hyperlink (SAPGUI for HTML) even if I am not using Extended Notification?



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