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Sep 18, 2013 at 07:30 PM

Issue in implementing value help for custom set type attributes


Hi Experts,

Need help in implementing the value help for custom set type attributes -

Created custom set types for Product and trying to implement the value help for an attribute . To do that created an implementation for BADI CRM_PRDGENSET_VALUEHELP and wrote the code as below :

IF component EQ 'ZZ0010'.

lv_prefix TYPE string.
CLEAR: gv_tasktype.
CONCATENATE lv_prefix 'STRUCT.ZZ0010' INTO ls_map-context_attr.
ls_map-f4_attr = 'TASK_TYPE'.
APPEND ls_map TO: lt_outmap.
ls_map-f4_attr = 'TEXT40'.
ls_map-context_attr = 'STRUCT.ZZ0010_DESC'.
APPEND ls_map to lt_outmap.

CREATE OBJECT rv_valuehelp_descriptor TYPE cl_bsp_wd_valuehelp_f4descr
iv_help_id = 'ZCSH_TASK_TYPE'
iv_help_id_kind = if_bsp_wd_valuehelp_f4descr=>help_id_kind_comp
iv_input_mapping = lt_inmap
iv_output_mapping = lt_outmap
iv_trigger_submit = abap_true.

When I click the value help, pop-up shows the correct result set from the search help. When I choose the value, it is filling the field value correctly, but the description value is not getting populated. Checked the field names and confirmed that I am passing the right field names in the context_attr.

I am not sure what is missing here and how can I make the search help description field updated right after the item selection.