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Sep 18, 2013 at 02:16 PM

KOB5 / KO88 AUC to Fixed Assets


Hello everyone,

I've searched around SCN and would like to ask a specific question about KO88 AUC settlement to Fixed Assets.

I've tried getting to Note 198931 but my computer will not open it without some weird required log-on that i am unable to get to (not my SCN log on, my work computer log on (i tried my normal logon for internet use but it's still not working)). So moderators: please do not delete this question because I have already tried to use SCN to find an answer and failed; and I have a specific question to ask.

Now, at my work I run a program that capitalizes Equipment records to Fixed Assets. It was created by I.T. here at my work and is not a standard SAP program.

Overall, this is what the program does:

1. Credit project and debit Investment Internal Order

Dr Account / IO

Cr Account / Project

Dr AUC (Using an "asset" number that is the same number as the IO)

Cr Account / IO

Dr Fixed Assets


Now, sometimes the program errors and does not complete the third posting.

So, i was posting it manually via F-02.

But, i figured out how to use KOB5 to make sure the settlement rule was assigned ("FXA").

And then, I was able to figure out that I can use KO88 to settle the AUC "asset" to Fixed Assets.

Now, here's my inquiry: when I select "Full Settlement" I receive an error KD574: Asset Under Construction not completely credited.

Then, when I select "Partial Capitalization" it settles the AUC to Fixed Assets with no problem. Now, I know some people have asked about this, but i'm looking for a clear explanation to the exact difference between the "Full Settlement" and the "Partial Capitalization". Before I can officially use "Partial Capitalization" going forward as a fix when the program I run bombs, my boss wanted an exact explanation of "partial capitalization" and the SAP info did not explain it fully.

Here's what I'm thinking: If KOB5 has some line items that don't have settlement rules (with a red light next to it), then "Full Settlement" will continue to give me that error message. Then if i use "Partial Capitalization" KO88 will only settle the items in KOB5 that have settlement rules assigned to them (with a green light next to it). Is this accurate??