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SAP HANA Express (1.0) installation

Hello All,

I've got some questions regarding the installation of HXE and I'm looking forward to get your opinions:

I recently built a powerful desktop (16GB free RAM, + 16GB coming soon) to run HXE and other big data appl. / BI-Tools for my studies. My question regarding HXE installation would be the following:

Is it recommended to install the HXE in a VM? I'm thinking about a direct installation on my desktop server which runs RHEL 7.3.

Is it possible to install it on RHEL 7.3, as 7.2. is required. (Don't know much about RHEL and compatibility)

Would this setup (direct installation) come along with any disadvantages? Especially when I add a few more applications? The applications e.g. a hadoop cluster (with several VM's) i guess will not run in parallel with HXE.

[I'm not familiar with the administration of RHEL and HXE (yet)]

Thanks and Kind Regards!

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  • Former Member

    Hi Julian,

    Thanks for trying HXE. We would recommend you to use HXE 2 patch 1. It is NOT officially tested on RHEL 7.3 yet, so it's better to install HXE on VM.

    Please let us know if you have any questions/issues.

    Thank you for any feedback.

  • Hi Xuelian,

    Thanks for your quick and helpful response. I will host it inside a VM for now!

    Regarding HXE 2 <-> HXE 1 SP12: I'm looking forward to train myself in modelling. I may take a certification for the Hana 1.0 SP12 Release, since this might be the widely spread platform release. Would you still recommend getting familiar with HXE 2? (Maybe the modelling differs not that much from the older 1.0 version?) If you please can confirm that this is the case, I will get a HXE 2 image instead of HXE 1.0.

    In addition to that: Is it possible to get both versions from SDN?

    I will provide feedback for HXE on RHEL 7.3 asap.


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    Jan 13, 2017 at 03:00 PM

    Hi Julian,

    The way I read the note is that this is just 'legaleze' to make sure production environments run under certified configurations only. Similar to opening up the iPhone breaks the guarantee.

    For personal/training purposes, this is fine but it just maybe that you are the first to find out that a certain 7.3 update may cause an issue (or not). Typically, updates to the compiler (C/C++), or to certificate related software can be sensitive.

    However, sooner or later, 7.3 will be supported. Probably already with the next SPS. It just requires the QA program to go over it to make sure every nook and cranny are cool with the OS and this takes time.

    I will give a try as well and let you know.



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  • Jan 13, 2017 at 10:16 AM

    Hi Julian,

    The courses provided by SAP Education (and the certifications based upon them) typically are 1 to 2 SPS's behind the latest release. SAP HANA 2.0 was just released in November last year, so at Education they are very busy creating the new course ware on this release, which you might expect somewhere in Q2 or Q3. When available, it will be posted here: and there probably will be some announcement. This is the latest blog on the topic from March 2016 for last year:

    If you want to know what's new about modeling for HANA 2.0, your best resource would be Christoph Morgen's presentation, playback availalble here:

    For OS support see note:



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    • Hi Denys,

      Thanks for that helpful information.

      Regarding the S-Note, Under 'Supported Kernel Versions': Does this limitiation of the licencing ( "[...]Using updated Linux Kernels and packages from newer RHEL versions is not supported and will break the certification.[...]") also affects the HXE? I'm a bit confused now. Would installing HXE 1 or 2 on RHEL 7.3 therefore be illegal with respect to Terms and Condition/User Aggreement? Or is it just "on your own risk"?

      (Maybe helpful background: I'm setting up the HXE only for private, training purposes - it will never be part of my organisation)

      Thanks and Kind Regards,