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Former Member
Sep 17, 2013 at 08:00 PM

Missing Parameter Error while exporting to PDF


I have created a crystal report using crystal 2008 (not the crystalreportviewer) and have one parameter. My problem that I am going through is that, when I click the button to open the report without passing any parameters , the report opens fine, when I pass the parameter and try to open the report in pdf it throws the missing parameter value error. What surprises me even more is, when I pass the same exact parameter and display it in excel, it opens fine.

So, I know that the database connection is not wrong. and I also know that the parameter that I am passing is not wrong either (because it opens in Excel) but why does it throw the missing parameter value error when I try to open it in PDF then? I have the code attached. Please HElP, I have been doing everything and anything I have found over in the net, but nothing helped.