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Sep 17, 2013 at 05:14 PM

Warehouse Tasks not being created automatically for Process-Oriented Putaway



I am practicing Process Oriented Putaway using Deconsolidation as below.

Receive on Door -> Unload -> Deconsolidate -> Putaway.

Here, When, after unloading, I am getting 3 WTs.

One from Door to Unloading Area

The Two Warehouse Tasks for Warehouse Products to move on to Final Putaway location with status B ( Waiting ) .

Upon Confirmation of the warehouse Task ( Door to Unload ), New warehouse tasks from Unloading Area to Deconsolidation Area is not being generated.

I have enabled the Automatic WTs creation in Storage Process definition configuration. even, it is not working.

Could you please help me on the same. Thank you.