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Work item is not generating when getting the reply email from inquired person

Hi Experts

Can you please help me for resolving the below issue

1) In the part of Incident Processing any  incident inquiry is send to employee from Incident Manager from People tab   email is triggering to particular employee and he is able to open the form and once completion of filling required data if he press send button Automatic mail is triggering with Incident Manager Mail id . But the same is not converting in to work item.not getting in to Incident manager work overview

we are maintained all configurations , if any thing is still yet to configure

1) . " SAP_EHSM_HSS_INCIDENT_EML_REC "Role assigned to Incident Manager & Mail id of IM is maintained in IM User

2) Inbound processing setup was done


11.PNG (18.7 kB)
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4 Answers

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    Former Member
    Sep 23, 2013 at 03:14 PM

    Hi Balajee,

    Have you checked the EHSM log files in transaction SLG1 ?

    This will tell you if any errors occurred in the inbound handler of the email. (Your log file shows sending of emails, I would expect to see an inbound message after the user has submitted the form). If you can't find an entry in here it is unlikely that the exit handler has been called.

    I assume you are using the standard workflow template WS00500002 (for offline investigation enquiry processing?) If you look at this workflow (in transaction SWDD) you will see there is a wait step called "wait for e-mail" response which is triggered by the inbound exit class. If you are not "seeing" a work item in SAP Business Worfkflow Inbox (SWBP) it is because this event has not been triggered.

    It is possible to switch on the event trace (transaction SWELS) and view it (transaction SWEL) to see if this in fact happens. Once this event is triggered, the investigator will be shown a decision task to decide if they would like to accept the information for the investigation (see screen shot of template below).

    Bottom line, I would check that your inbound email is being handled correctly by the SAP system.

    Kind Regards,


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    • Former Member Balajee P

      Would you pleas tell me the two below configurations:

      1. Inbound email configuration

      2. Must the Incident Manager and witness have the role "SAP_EHSM_HSS_EML_REC"?

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    Former Member
    Sep 19, 2013 at 03:42 PM

    HI Balajee

    In Customizing activity "Define Inbound Processing for E-Mails", it is stated that the PFCG role SAP_EHSM_HSS_INCIDENT_EML_REC has to be assigned to the user SAPCONNECT. However, if you have assigned another system user already for the e-mail configuration instead of SAPCONNECT, the functionality will not work.

    You have assigned the PFCG role SAP_EHSM_HSS_INCIDENT_EML_REC to the user that processes incoming e-mails (default user is SAPCONNECT).

    "This role contains the authorization profiles(check your basis team , they will tell you profile details) needed to receive and process e-mails. You can find the user ID that is assigned as the user for processing incoming e-mails in the SMTP Host node in transaction SICF."

    Define Inbound Processing for E-Mails


    An e-mail inbound process is often required in the SAP EHS Management (EHS-MGM) component. For example, the recipient of an injury completes a form and sends it back to a pre-defined e-mail address. When the e-mail is received in the system, the system calls an exit handler (functional class) that automatically reads the attached form, and then sends the information to the corresponding workflow. The system attaches the returned form to the relevant workflow and the business process continues.

    In this Customizing activity, a system administrator can define an e-mail address that should receive the relevant form and then binds an exit handler to that e-mail address. Thus, the system administrator defines how the system processes such inbound e-mails.


    • You have configured the inbound e-mail address for each form in the Customizing activity specify forms

    • Your company's e-mail system is set up in such a way that it forwards the e-mail to the SAP EHS Management component based on the e-mail address that is configured for the form.

    • You have assigned the e-mail recipient PFCG role to the user that processes incoming e-mails (default user is SAPCONNECT). This role contains the authorization profiles needed to receive and process e-mails. You can find the user ID that is assigned as the user for processing incoming e-mails in the SMTP Host node in transaction SICF.

    • E-mail recipient PFCG role for incident management: SAP_EHSM_HSS_INCIDENT_EML_REC

    Standard settings

    There is a default exit handler that logs the e-mails that are received using the SAP Application Log. You can use transaction SLG1 to view the log.

    • Exit handler: CL_EHHSS_INC_INB_PROC_BCS
    • Object: EHHSS_BO_INC
    • Subobject: EHHSS_AIF_INC_INBD


    In this Customizing activity, you specify the following parameters:

    • Communication Type: Internet Mail

    • Recipient Address: Specify the e-mail address that you configured for the corresponding form in Specify Forms. If you use an asterisk (*) as the value, this inbound handler is called for each e-mail address. However, it is recommended that you use the e-mail address that you configured.

    • Document Class: *


    If you want to change how the e-mail exit handler behaves, you can create your own implementation that inherits from the default class. In this case, go to transaction SE24, create a new class that inherits from CL_EHHSS_INC_INB_PROC_BCS, and modify the HANDLE_FORMS method

    Check and update me.


    Message was edited by: Edward Stephen

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    • Hi Edward

      Thank you for u reply

      we assigned this role "SAP_EHSM_HSS_INCIDENT_EML_REC" who done the SMTP configuration (User :Basis Admin ). as per the information  i found in SICF (T.code.)

      Still the problem is remain same.

      If i checked in the "SLG1" , i dint found any log of in processing emails .

      Still i am not getting any information which authorization profiles are required for this user.


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    Former Member
    Sep 22, 2013 at 03:25 PM

    Hi Balajee,

    Check Mr.Warren suggestion also. i found one blog for inbound mail processing configuration. have a look this blog.However, this is very useful for you.


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    • Hi Edward

      Sap Connect & SAP_ALL profiles are already assigned to WF-batch.

      When checked in the Workflow log i didn't found any Inbound error messages Screen shot attached below


      7.PNG (60.6 kB)
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    Former Member
    Sep 21, 2013 at 05:53 PM

    Hi Balajee,

    There could be a number of issues causing your error.

    Looking at your config I think you may have the wrong "document" type configured against the inbound user. Try entering an asterix * or BIN (for binary) against the user.

    If this does not work then I suggest you switch on the trace in transaction SCOT:

    Then you can interrogate the log file for the reason why your exit class is not being called.

    Here is an example of the trace file:

    You should then see an entry in the application log (transaction SLG1) showing the results of the inbound processing:

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Warren

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