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Sep 28, 2005 at 09:04 AM

Tax Extractor ?



As part of reporting on Purchasing - Purchase Orders and Goods Receipts we need also to report on Tax.

Tax is not in either item extractor (2LIS_02_ITM and 2LIS_03_BF) nor stored on the PO or GR tables, though the tax code is stored on the purchase order line (EKPO-MWSKZ plus country code on PO Header).

I can't see a standard tax extractor, so I was hoping to make the calculation in BW, by extracting the Tax Table. I have created a view in R\3 on A003 Tax Conditions and KONV (restricted to the Tax Application!) and hoped to create a generic extractor in rso2 for this.

However I get the following error message <b>Invalid extract structure template ZBIW_A003KONP_V of DataSource ZMM_A003_KONP</b>


You tried to generate an extract structure with the template structure ZBIW_A003KONP_V. This operation failed, because the template structure quantity fields or currency fields, for example, field KBETR refer to a different table.


Use the template structure to create a view or DDIC structure that does not contain the inadmissable fields.


I thought this may be something to do with the quantity field, but the reference table for the quantity field for KBETR in KONP relates to a structure RV13A so I can't add this to the view.

Has anyone had similar problems? or suggest a solution. Am I missing something obvious?

One option would be to use a function module in R\3 to make a calculation populate a bespoke field, but I'm not sure that this would be the best way.