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Sep 16, 2013 at 07:14 PM

Removing members from the EPM Context Drop Downs


Hello All,

I was wondering how I go about removing a context member drop the EPM context drop downs? I have tried a few things but they always show up a selectable. In essence, even though these are valid members of the dimension, I do not want a user to be able to select them. We have been doing this so far with VBA to prevent a refresh or save but I would rather avoid VBA going forward if possible.

I have attached 3 screen caputes to demo what I am trying to remove.

Capture 1 - Shows the EPM Context Bar

Capture 2 - Shows the 2 that I would like to remove

Capture 3 - Shows the EPM Member Selector with the 2 that I want to remove. And yes the first one is the top of the node



Capture3.PNG (21.7 kB)
Capture2.PNG (38.2 kB)
Capture1.PNG (6.1 kB)