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Sep 16, 2013 at 12:07 PM

Sap Router and post installation procedure of SOLMAN


Hi gurus

Finally I managed to install SAP Solman with no error messages, install log itself looks good. Also I managed to start SAP Solman with the default instance 00, client 001 and succeeded with SAP* login. Also I executed Solman_setup transaction and finished the very first steps, but have stacked with SAP router, so therefore I did not manage to complete all procedures that are needed to be set in solman_setup .
I've opened the ticket with SAP and registered external IP address of my Solman server as my router's IP, firewall has been configured correctly – ping of SAP router's Ip returns positive values.

Configured SAP router on my end as it's written here: at least i do hope that everything has been configured as needed, because no error messages is being generated

There are 2 issues that troubles me:
-When I execute saprouter –r –K "p:my data goes here" command prompt window hangs on 'trcfile dev_rout no logging active' screen and nothing happens (see printscreen) . I think that smth is wrong, but have no idea what can be cause of the issue.

-When I execute oss1 in SAP gui -> technical settings and add information to SAPROUTER 1 area press login information then I got pop up window which says that'Unable to connect to SAPNET message server….', so most likely SAP router configuration on my side is faulty?

From where do i need to start? Is there a way how to troubleshoot sap router from my side, or better to open technical message with SAP supp here?

many thanks in advance.


halt.png (9.0 kB)