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Sep 16, 2013 at 10:02 AM

universe Error cant open file UNX00023


About this error that we have in universe designer. We can import the file.

Error Description: The universe (XXXXXXXX) cannot be imported in universe designer because of the error (UNX00023). This stops us implementing changes in universe.

But the reports designed using this universe are working fine.

The import error for this universe is recurred twice in last two months. The last modification to universe was done on 13-Aug-2013

File universe don’t work, Can't open the universe. UNX00023.

And the last copy that we have shown the message: "file corrupted".

We have a problem with some files that apparently work fine but in a slack of time we can't open the file, from universe designer.

We have to reimport from last version BO 6.5 to BOXI again 2 times and solve all the issues in the universe.

This, cause for us a loss of time and rework for the issues that we solved from the old version, that changes are in the new version 13th August.

Anyone can tell me if this caused by time connection to server? or is over the copy that we have in 6.5?