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Sep 27, 2005 at 08:26 PM

How to update key figure value?


Hello there.

I would like to post a problem I am having. Any help will be appreciated.

I have two cubes, one for Notification Causes and one for Notification Items that are part of a multicube. There is a Key Figure on the Notificaton Items cube (Defect Qty Extern) that I am trying to get. I need to restrict this, however, on a Defect Cause Group (0CATGRP_CSE).

I currently have the R/3 LO Cockpit set to load the 05 Cause structure into an ODS in BW which is then rolled up to a Cause Cube. I have the same thing set up for the Iten ODS to Item Cube. In the update rules for the cause cube, I created a new key figure that has an ABAP routine attached to update it. I use the Notification Number (0NOTIFICATN), Notification Item (ZSNOTITEM) and Defect Code (0CATGRP_FE) to look up the defect quantity on the Notification Item ODS and then apply that is the defect quantity on the Cause Cube.

This works well until someone goes and changes a defect code group (0CADGRP_FE) to something else. What used to be a WARRANTY defect code group can get voided and become a ZVOID. Now, when the ODS to cube data mart occurs, I have a defect quantity for WARRANTY as well as ZVOID duplicating the total defect quantity.

So, my question is this. What can I do to REPLACE a key figure instead of sum it every time? I looked at the LAST VALUE aggregation exception option, but there is no date change that occurs each time it it changed. I could use the sysdate and store that at the time of the update rules.

Does this seem like the best course of action? Any info would be appreciated. ABAP solutions welcomed as well.