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Sep 27, 2005 at 06:37 PM

Custom Scheduled Task


I've been over this it seems a 1000 times but I have to be missing something. I'm going to lay it out in what I hope to be enough detail so someone can tell me where things are going wrong.


- Target platform - EP6.0 SP2

- SAP Developer Studio 2.0.11


Create a custom task that can be run via the KM Scheduler that has access to portal specific information (users, etc).

Current Process:

- Follow Prakash Singh's article on creating a KM scheduled task (Did you know you can schedule jobs in portal using KM's Scheduler Task?) (create a portal app project, and use the Service, Filter, and Task generation wizard specifying EP6SP2)

- Before deploying the PAR, copy the 'local' folder under src.config to the same location but rename 'install'. (this keeps the PAR from erroring during building. Will get 'Cannot create config archive (you should have a valid data or meta folder)' error if I dont). <- I suspect that this step may be part of my issue.

- PAR deploys fine, will see a JDBC error (null pointer exception in the JDBC driver) in the log upon first deployment, (Strange since I'm not using JDBC here) but does not seem to affect the application. Possibly related to Hot Deployment issues of scheduled tasks (Problem with scheduler task and Scheduling ISchedulerTask)

when the server restarts the application loads OK.

- Task shows in KM Scheduler, and can configure schedule OK but no execution. No mention in the logs even with System.out statements. Its as if the task is not being executed at all. Even if I deliberately put in an error (div/0) I will not see anything in the console logs.

I have been through the component monitor and it seems that everything is running fine but the scheduled tasks do not execute.

JDBC Error in detail:

Loading application: ScheduledTestTask8

Loading services:

Loading service: ScheduledTestTask8|RFServiceWrapper


at com.sapportals.wcm.repository.service.eventlog.jdbc.JDBCConnection.log(


com.sapportals.wcm.service.applog.AppLogException: [SAP_Portals][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]