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Sep 12, 2013 at 02:56 PM

Travel Tips


Ok.. I know there are columns on travel tips out there in the general internet world. And most of us already know the biggies. Like hydrate well before and during any flights as airplane cabins are usually very dry. Wear easy to slip on/off shoes through the airport, (Ever been behind a woman with shoes with wraps half-way up her legs? Or hiker types with boots laced up to mid-calf?). Have your laptop ready to pull out before you get to the screening tables. These are tips you'll find at almost any travel blog.

But I know that SAP consultants are some of the most traveled folks in the world. I'm looking for some of the more unusual or unique tips that some of the traveling consultants have incorporated into their routines. I KNOW there must be some good ones out there. Some that maybe other SAP traveling consultants haven't thought of. Maybe how they save space in packing? What makes their trip go smoother? Items that are must-have's or that do double-duty.

I'll start with a few. When I was flying out weekly, I had my blue, black, green, and gray weeks. This made it easy to pack each week as I would only need one pair of shoes and belt. With two pairs/styles of slacks of each color it was easy to grab the two pants, and the matching shirts that went with them for the week. No thought to gee.. what was I going to wear. Plus when they were washed when I got home, the whole complement of colors were washed together and ready to go for another full week.. Ok.. yes boring... maybe predictable, but I'm a guy.. boring is what we do. Packing was literally done in about ten minutes. Now the ladies might have more trouble with that. But I don't want to stereotype so I'll leave it at that!

Another tip, and hopefully many of you do this. I designate one exterior, zippered pocket of my carry-on for airport security items. While in line I drop everything into that pocket. Coins, watch, belt, cell phone, wallet or billfold (mine had metal clips in them). These all get scanned in the machine while secured in my bag and I'm not standing at the conveyer belt after going through, taking all my stuff out of the little trays. When I get to the waiting area, I can take my time to empty the pocket and put everything back on.

And lastly, I never keep all my credit cards and cash together. A few cards and some cash in my wallet. Backup cards and backup cash located elsewhere. Sometimes in my laptop case or in the carry-on. If I'm in an area really prone to pick pockets I make sure items are in front pockets and/or zippered pockets and its not all in one place. When in public, (outside of actual travel), I only carry one credit card on me with an intentionally limited credit limit. I don't need a card with any more than a $500 credit limit most of the time when I'm out. I also split my $$ up when I'm carrying it. Some in the wallet, some of it elsewhere. Another pocket sometimes. I've even carried money and credit cards in my shoes sometimes. It's easy to tuck in a couple of 20's into your shoe or even your sock as a back-up. (Did that often when biking). The point is to split them up so if you are a victim of a pick pocket or robbery, your losses are limited and you're not stranded some where with no cash or credit. Along these lines, leave a list back home with a spouse or trusted relative of all the credit cards you took along, along with contact info and credit card numbers. That way, if you are a victim, you can get the info to cancel everything. It doesn't help if the list is stored electronically in your STOLEN computer or cell phone! And it shouldn't be there anyway because if they steal those, they have your credit card info!

Looking forward to hearing some really good tips!!