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Sep 12, 2013 at 01:30 PM

APO DP JOBs: How to execute /sapapo/tscube transaction with variant daily?


Hallo APO experts,

I have an issue acc. to transaction /SAPAPO/tscube. It has to be executed every day that's why I would like to schedule it in a background job.

I know how to create the job at all:

1. Creat an activity (/SAPAPO/MC8T)

2. Create Demand Planning job (/SAPAPO/MC8D)

3. Schedule job (/SAPAPO/MC8G)

4. Check the job log ( /SAPAPO/MC8K)

Following these steps I can create it BUT how can I assign the tscube-variant to the activity???

Do you habe a suggestion/ advice how to manage the situation?