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Sep 12, 2013 at 11:08 AM

Interactive analysis probe benchmarks / Expected Report Open Times


Hi, can anyone comment on expected time to open a report in BO4? A lot of my users are currently complaining about "in-app delays" at the moment - anecdotally when opening a report it can take up to 30s or more. I've observed this latency myself and have been trying to gather some metrics to get an objective view of the user experience. I would be interested to hear other users experiences to guage how to resolve the issue or explain to my users that it is to be expected. Sites I've come across like this would suggest that 10s is the limit - but should I be able to get it down to say 3s? (Only on a single node environment, or a distributed one?)

These are my own findings so far:

I have scheduled the Interactive Analysis probe every 5mins on my Dev and UAT environments (UAT replicates Prod). In Dev I get a steady response time of 9.5-10.5 seconds. The low values in UAT match this but there are several spikes of 20s and a couple at 40s with averages of 11 - 13s. The report that the probe opens is not refreshed or exported, is set to run on demand, has 2 prompts, is the same in both environments and is 189KB on disk.

Both environments are BO4 SP4 Patch 4 but Dev is a single node install (fileserver on the same server with the application) with a remote CMS in a different domain behind a firewall whereas UAT is a clustered installation with two virtual webservers in a DMZ, two physical application servers behind the corporate firewall sharing a filestore in the same domain as the application servers but on a different virtual machine and sharing a CMS database in a different domain behind another firewall.

As well as any general comments, I would specifically like to know if:

1. The interactive analysis probe is doing what I think it is doing - i.e. opening my report, waiting for the prompts to display, cancelling and closing the report; and that the time recorded reflects this?

2. Is the limiting factor my environment or the application - i.e. if I had unlimited funds what could I get the time down to?