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Sep 27, 2005 at 02:47 PM

HOWTO reconfigure/rename a SAP WAS 6.4 server post installation.



I am new to SAP, Netweaver and the Enterpirse Portal. Learning on the job.

Our development team uses an environment based on VMWare virtual servers running Win2003 Server and Netweaver 04 ( EP6 SP13 ) with Microsoft SQLServer as the SAP System DB. This installation works correctly and as expected.

Our justification for this setup is that at anytime we can stop and scrap our working VMWare server image[s], copy the original back in it's place, restart the new VMWare server image and have a brand new / cleanly installed Netweaver installation in a matter of minutes rather than hours. As you can imagine, very convenient for new developers learning a new technology.


The original/source VMWare image (the one we copy from as it contains a clean Neteaver installation) was built based on a server with a host name of ams-vm-5.

Our problem arises when each developer starts their VMWare server image!!!!! Each VMWare server is identical, hence it shares the same hostname, SAP System name and SAP database name and as you can imagine name resolution conflicts occur!


After renaming the hostname for the VMWare server, we are trying to reconfigure our SAP installation as the simple hostname change is not sufficient. When restarting the server the SAP WAS doesnt work!

HOW do we correctly reconfigure/rename the server, the SAP Neteaver installation and SQLServer so that they only refererence their newly renamed VMWare server hostname.

I've searched hard for a definitive/official way to do this but cant find a guide.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.