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Jan 12, 2017 at 01:16 PM

CTS + Transport for SAP PI objects failed



by importing a transport into quality system, we encountred the following error:

"Exception during Kommunikation zu System Integration Builder mit Anwendung CMS- Transport ist unterbrochen. Detailinformation: Error accessing http://Hostname:Port/dir/cmstransport/int? with user NWDI_CTSADM. Response code is 301, response message is Redirect."

or when transporting an SLD object:

"Connection Error:Redirect TransportEntity (ID:005056906D4C1ED6B691D262ED3C7550) status set to 'ERROR'. HTTP Response code:'301' meaning 'Redirect' "

The User NWDI_CTSADM is defined in target system and has all the needed deployment permissions - I even granted it all admin permissions to test.

This working some time ago.

Could you please advise, what the problem could be.