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Sep 12, 2013 at 02:41 AM

Not able to dipplay report data after copied from 0FIGL_VC1 to ZFIGL_VC1


Dear All,

I have a requirement to bring F.01 (balance sheet / P&L statement) into BW analyzer report. so activated standard business content 0FIGL_VC1 (0FIGL_C01 and 0GLACCEXT) and managed to get expected data with standard 0FIGL_VC1_Q0001 report but when try to customize same then not able to get report output.

I have followed the steps below to customize 0figl_vc1:-

1) copy 0FIGL_C01 into zfigl_c01 * loaded master data into standard Infoobjects.

2) copy function group from standard RS_BCT_FIGL to zrs_bct_figl.

3) copy function module from standard RS_BCT_FIGL_DATA_GET_VC1 to zrs_bct_get_vc1 and changed my custom source cube under import parameters.

4) Loaded data from SAP custom into custom zfigl_c01 (source cube).

4) created new custom virtual cube zvc1 copy of 0figl_vc1 and selected function module as zrs_bct*get_vc1.

5) copied the 0FIGL_VC1_Q001 to zvc1_vc1_q0001 by using RSZC t.code.

I'm able to see data in virtual cube level but when execute cthe ustomized report it shows no data found.

Please advice if I missed anything?