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Sep 27, 2005 at 01:33 PM

Accessing interface controller in different WD DC



I have the following question related to using coding from WD DC1 in DC2 (just two example DCs) since I have problems accessing the interface controller of a different WD DC.

What steps are necessary to use the interface controller of DC1 (to be more precise the interface controller of a particular WD component within a WD DC) in DC2 and even more important in which order?

My assumption:

1) Expose interface controller as public part of DC1.

How is this done? Via exposing the whole WD Component in the public part wizard?

2) Build DC1.

3) Add DC1 to "Used DCs" for DC2.

4) Now the DC1's interface controller should be accessible? Am I right?

Unfortunately is the corresponding interface controller not visible in DC2.

Any help is really appreciated.

Kind regards,