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Sep 11, 2013 at 03:20 PM

No tax after 35K of Severance pay(WT2286) for NC


Hi All,


After reaching 35k of Severance pay (WT2286) for North Caroline state, the tax should not be deducted.

What I did, I created a new WT2284 for the excess amount, which is non taxable. When the amount reached to 35 in any of the pay period, the new WT2284 should be generated with extra amount.

Example: Till last pay period the YTD of WT2286 is $33,892.40. And I am giving $5000 in current month and processing the payroll. Now WT2286 should generate $1107.60 and remaining amount $3892.4 should generate with WT2284. But the rule is not calculating like this. The reason is, I think I am not capturing the current month’s amount in anywhere in the rule. Can anyone help me to achieve this?

Attached the rule for your reference.




Rule.JPG (41.2 kB)