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Afaria Database Size Calculation

I am setting up an Afaria Environment in our company. I need to estimate the database size.

I know the following factors need to be considered to estimate database size.

1. Number of sessions per day

2. Average session size

# session per day * average session size = estimated growth

Could someone help me on how to get the Number of sessions per day and Average session size? Are these values available on Afaria Admin Console? or do I need to find it somewhere else?

Thanks in Advance.

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2 Answers

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    Sep 11, 2013 at 03:24 PM

    Check below thread:



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    Sep 12, 2013 at 05:20 AM


    The Database Server

    Afaria utilized a single database (or database managed by a cluster) to manage all of its internal metadata as well as the device logging information. Afaria supports SQL Server, Oracle and SQL Anywhere databases. Administrators should follow normal database manufacturer guidelines for both backup and redundancy.

    From an administration perspective, one must take into account a number of variables in order to estimate the growth rate and required disk space for the Afaria system. There are three types of data which are stored in the database which contribute to its growth in size, Device Inventory Data, Static Data, and Log Data. 

    Best Practices

    For traditional Windows and Windows Mobile systems more data currently gets logged into the database than for Android or iOS devices. It is advisable to only store enough log data as is required for troubleshooting purposes. For optimal performance, database logs should be backed up and truncated on a 7-10 day interval. If longer 'online' logging is required, IT should work with the database team to ensure that older data is placed on separate partitions. Sample log sizing information for Windows based systems can be found in the charts in the Appendix section.

    Logging policy-  turn off for performance failed & successful only (turn on as needed basis.

    Logging retention – 7-10 day

    Database Sizing Calculation

    1. Estimate values:• Number of sessions per day• Average session size

    2. Apply the estimates to the daily formula for estimated growth per day:(# of sessions per day) * (average session size) = estimated growth per day.

    3. Apply the daily estimate to the weekly formula for estimated growth per week:(estimated growth per day) * 7 = estimated growth per week .For example, to determine the weekly disk space growth for 1000 daily sessions with an average session size of 60KB:

    (1000 sessions per day) * (60KB average session size) * 7 days = 420MB

    So in this example, the database is estimated to grow by 420MB per week.

    Consider these items for calculating estimates:

    • Add 1MB of data per week to the estimate for each device that reports inventory.

    • Session channels with 100 events add an average of 40KB in database growth per session

    in additional log data.



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    • Former Member

      Thanks Chetan for your reply and it is helpful to me to calculate database size.

      I will be bringing 2000 mobile devices into Afaria MDM control. I am thinking 30GB for Afaria database for 2000 devices. Do you think is that good enough for database size?


      Reddy P