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Sep 11, 2013 at 02:15 PM

Propose Amount and Quantity for non-GR Bsd IV invoices


Hi all,

Here goes...

As it is common that an invoice is sent together with or at the same time the goods are sent, It occurs very often that the invoice is received before the GR has been booked.

At my current client the requirement is to significantly reduce the number of times a person needs to review an invoice and the time involved processing the invoice.

In the case above, the GR bsd IV is NOT ACTIVE as that allows the user to book the invoice (possibly with a payment block due to QTY).

HOWEVER if there is no GR yet, the Amount and quantity in MIRO are empty.

To an extent that is logical, because those are coming from the GR materialdocument, but now my question.... Is there a User Exit/BADI/enhancement that allows you to retrieve the amount/qty from the Purchase order?

that way the user only has to review and correct according to the invoice. Otherwise the user has to copy everything manually from the invoice into the line items in MIRO.....very labour intensive and not nice.

Hope you can help,


p.s. there is another topic with the same question, but it is closed without a good answer.