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Sep 11, 2013 at 01:31 PM

Issues during the installation of SOLMAN 7.1


Hello gurus.

I'm experiencing some issues during the installation of SOLMAN 7.1. The first of all it seems that Installation master is not available anymore, so therefore I downloaded SWMP (or how it's called) and extracted as it's written in the manual. The very first window of installer confused me completely (I'm far away from SAP basis and installations of SAP systems as such) - which option do i need to choose in order to install SAP Solman 7.1? Do I need to choose 7.3 ABAM stack, then Java Stack ? What are the procedures there?

I've read maser guide, but nothing useful is being written there, just some overall prerequisites, these prerequisites all passed in my system.

I know, it makes sense to hire professionals to install such systems, but at this point this is not an option for me 😔

many thanks in advance


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