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Sep 11, 2013 at 11:36 AM

Oracle Update BSP to


Dear Experts,

Due to a GoLive Check recommendation, we have been tasked with the update of our Oracle patch from to Sadly, the installation of this patch has not gone as expected.

I have installed the patch as per this link following all the recommendations such as making sure everything is stopped when needed, usage of command fuser for stale sessions, updated both OPatch and MOPatch to the latest available version, and so on.

However, during the installation, out of the 61 patches that were supposed to be installed, only 30 were installed successfully. The remaining 31 patches either were not installed because of missing prerequisites, or conflicts. Except for 3 patches of the BSP that failed during the installation (9584028, 9458152, 14488478).

This 3 patches all failed with the same error. It seems it is trying to copy from a folder to another folder and it is giving a "file doesn't exist" error.

Note: A lot of people in the Internet / forums have issues throughout the installation because of authorization issues, this is NOT the case.

All with the similar error: Copy Action: Source file /oracle/S11/112_64/.patch_storage/9584028_Jun_22_2012_11_39_40/files/sap/ora_upgrade/post_upgrade/post_upgrade_checks.sql" does not exist. 'oracle.rdbms,': Cannot copy file from 'post_upgrade_checks.sql

The odd thing is that the patch was compiled in May 15 2013, but it is somehow generating a folder from folder Jun 22 2012....

I am unable to restore any longer to the backup that was taking before the update as it has been several days since the update and I cannot restore and make the consultants lose a 7 day work load. So, I wonder:

1.- How can I fix this issue? I mean, has anyone encountered the same problem with this patches.

2.- If it is not fixed, are this patches critical? I mean, SAP said that this patches are NOT modifying Oracle binaries so I don't think they are so critical... but are they a must?

Thank you for your time,

Kind regards,