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Sep 11, 2013 at 07:40 AM

PC 10: Local P3 Control screen is editable some times under master data


Hi All,

I am noticing a strange behaviour in the PC 10 system when I have introduced new regulations. The behavior is limited to one system and may also not be affected by a new regulation. I wonder if any one of you has come across this or has an explanation to this.

When I open Master Data > Organizations > Subprocess > Control

Most of the controls i see are uneditable but a few of them are editable where the data can be changed in these controls. I have tried opening these controls in different timeframes when the controls were valid and I experience the same behavior. I tried comparing these controls (editable and non editable) and have not found any reason of difference that makes them editable.

I wondered if there is an explanation to this.


Mohammed Kashif