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Sep 11, 2013 at 04:58 AM

append data in a particular filed of a work area.


Hello All,

I am new to SAPWorld, I am creating one Interactive report, and I am using 4 tables. and in the final report I am using data from 7 columns.

4 column from table 1

1 column from table 2

1 column from table 3

1 column from table 4.

there is a work area which have all the 7 fields. I am appending data in two loops, one loop for 1st 4 columns, and remaining from next loop.

but i am not able to generate correct result.

Is there any way I can append particular field of the work area.


it_final with 7 column.

LOOP AT it_vbak INTO wa_vbak WHERE vbeln IN so_vbeln.

wa_final-fvbeln = wa_vbak-vbeln.

wa_final-fauart = wa_vbak-auart.

wa_final-ferdat = wa_vbak-erdat.

wa_final-fernam = wa_vbak-ernam.

APPEND wa_vbak to it_temp.


LOOP AT it_temp INTO wa_temp.

READ TABLE it_vbap INTO wa_vbap WITH KEY vbeln = wa_temp-vbeln.

wa_final-fposnr = wa_vbap-posnr.

READ TABLE it_vbpa INTO wa_vbpa WITH KEY vbeln = wa_temp-vbeln.

wa_final-fkunnr = wa_vbpa-kunnr.

READ TABLE it_vbkd INTO wa_vbkd WITH KEY vbeln = wa_temp-vbeln.

wa_final-fkdgrp = wa_vbkd-kdgrp.

append wa_final to it_final.