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Sep 10, 2013 at 04:51 PM

How to handle Basic Pay factoring in Hiring and Unpaid Absences


Hi Experts, I have a scenario when hiring takes middle of the month , where factoring come into place. The basic pay processing class 10 is adjusted with /801. But at the same type we have unpaid absence in which 3 absences types are their 1. Unpaid Authorized Leave ( Basic WT & Transport WT ) to be deducted. 2. Unpaid Un Authrorized Leave ( Basic WT, Transport WT & Housing WT ) to be deducted. 3. Unpaid Sick Leave ( Basic WT & Transport WT ). All 3 unpaid absences are under same grouping, I hope change of grouping is also required. The factoring which is set processing class 10 for Basic WT or Transport WT will not have desired results for this unpaid leaves. We need to have different factoring for Basic WT and Other WT in unpaid absences. Please advise. Regards, IFF