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Sep 10, 2013 at 11:08 AM

Category filter for business rules


Good morning all,

I work in a BPC forecast model with two different categories which ids are ACTUAL and PREV.

I have configured two business rules to be applied and they are working properly at the moment.

I would like to restrict the numer of rules applied by category, this is, for CATEGORY=PREV, the two business rules should apply while for CATEGORY=ACTUAL I would like just one of them to be run.

In the Automatic Adjustment table, there is a field to add filters to the execution of the rule and reading the help guide I have checked that by inserting the restriction in this field it would be possible to filter the rules execution by category. This is in the paper.

Other dimension filter

Extract from Administration Help:

This field can be used to define a filter controlling the
region where the elimination can be applied. It can contain the following

  • Blank (No Filter)

  • An expression defining one or more filters. These can be
    applied to any combination of the following information:

    • The SIGNEDDATA amount (example: SIGNEDDATA>

    • Any ACCOUNT of the OWNERSHIP cube (example: METHOD =

    • Any ACCOUNT of the OWNERSHIP cube as defined in Prior
      period (example: PPOWN <>0, where PPOWN is Prior period’s POWN

    • Any ACCOUNT of the OWNERSHIP cube as assigned to the
      INTER_COMPANY partner (example: I_POWN < POWN)

    • Any dimension of the MAIN cube (example:

The filters can be concatenated with the &rdquor;AND”
operand. Alternatively, any valid SQL expression filtering the values in any
desired way can be used. In this case the syntax must strictly comply with SQL
requirements (single quotes around the members IDs, etc.)

However, when I test it in the system, I don't manage to run the consolidation package taking into account this filter. I have included the following instruction "CATEGORY=PREV" so that for one of thr two rules, only PREV category applies.

Has any of you used this option and make it work properly?

Hope someone can help.