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Sep 10, 2013 at 09:41 AM

SE51 Get data without pressing any key


Hi Experts,

I developed a scanning program using module pool concept.

Upon scanning a barcode , the barcode input field will be filled with the information and then after pressing ENTER key, all the other information(material,material type,description,uom etc) related to this barcode are displayed in other allocated fields on the screen through PAI and then the process goes with other manual inputs before posting.

User dont want to press ENTER everytime after a scan and want the program to autofill all the other details before he key in manual inputs.

Meaning just scan barcode and the screen should fill in other information as well .

I tried using DYNP_VALUES_READ in the PBO to capture the information but what makes the program trigger to get other information without any key press.

Is there a way to capture screen field filled or not dynamically ?

Points for sure.