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Sep 10, 2013 at 06:14 AM

caching on EAServer


We have several PB components (12.5.1) hosted in EAServer 6.3.1, that call external web services (using .NET engine).

We are stacked with SoapConnection caching:

  • First, it seems that we cannot set UseConnectionCache to true, even if we change the implementation to use EasySoap (the documentation says the default is false, and for EAServer " must not change the default").
  • Second, with .NET engine the documentation does not say anything about caching, so we would expect the default .NET behavior which is to re-use TCP connections. But by monitoring the network (e.g. with Wireshark) we can see that we have a new TCP connection for each request (note that the previous connection is always closed, regardless of the KeepAlive setting)

It seems that the lack of caching causes serious performance issues, because each web service call spends an additional 3'' - 4'' to complete. The same services when called from a .NET application take the same time in the first call, but then they take 50 to 100 miliseconds for each additional call. By monitoring network traffic, we can see that only a single TCP connection is being used from .NET, which does not happen with PB.

Can you clarify how connection caching is supported in PB components hosted in EAServer?

Thank you in advance