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Sep 10, 2013 at 06:18 AM

Files are skipping after execution of Command Line in SAP PI 7.1


Hi Friends,

The scenario is Like Third party to PI To ISU.

I am using File adapter and it is picking the files from third party and putting the Encrypted files to PI Inbound folder. The command is executing and picking the files from PI Inbound folder and putting the decrypted files in the decrypt folder and Pi is picking the files from decrypt folder and sending it to ISU.

Now I have analyzed that some files are getting skipped. Like if there are 20 files came from third party to Pi Inbound folder , only 19 files are getting picked from PI Inbound folder and putting 19 files to decrypt folder. Also there are only 19 files in Archive folder.

I have written the below command line- G:\XIServer\SBM\IDD0011_BillingData_SBM\Inbound\script\batch.bat -D %f Dec%f >> G:\XIServer\SBM\IDD0011_BillingData_SBM\Inbound\script\temp\error%f.txt

Please Suggest me how can I handle this issue and how I can solve this skipping of files issue. Let me know if you nee dmore information.