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Sep 09, 2013 at 08:05 PM

solution manager 7.1 Tech monitoring alert


Hello, in solution manager 7.1 On HPUX I have tech. monitoring enabled for several systems.

For one system I am getting an alert for “ABAP instance not Available”

The metric that it is complaining about is “ Instance Local Http Availability” with error message:

[RC=600] URL http://sapxs2ci:80/sap/public/ping called unsuccessfully

Metric description

This metric places a local HTTP call from the Diagnostic Agent against

a test page on the ABAP instance to see if ICM is able to handle http requests.

Does anyone know where the solution manager diagnostic agent is getting the above address from ?

In SMICM we have the following defined :

Http: port = 80 host name = sapxs2.

Which you can access with http://sapxs2:80/sap/public/ping

I also have this address defined in the solman_setup > managed system config > Step 5 (Enter system parameters) where

Load Balancer Host = sapxs2

Load Balanace Host = 80

(the test connection works ok)

And in Step 6 ( enter landscape parameters )

Under the ABAP instance

ICM HTTP Port = 80

ICM Host =

I thought setting up these entries in Managed config , the SMD agent would be able to perform the ping OK .