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Sep 09, 2013 at 04:52 PM

¿How control the Value from Contract when doing several PO?


HI all,

I have an issue when doing contracts WK "value control". The system only validate the contrat value if i do single PO, but if i do another one i certanly can exceed the value form the contrat.


The Value for the contract is set in 2000 usd and i have two positions in contract, each of one is for 1000 usd.

If i do single PO with two positions the system control the quantity and value, but if i do two PO, i could do one for 1000 usd an the other one for 1200 usd, each of one from the contract position. I have already check system message 06-042 and 06-155 and i set to error.

¿So how can i control the value contract if i do manny PO?


Jorge G