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Sep 09, 2013 at 11:21 AM

Unstable services - Resource not found for the segment


Hi all,

I have 2 unstable services. Sometimes they work sometimes they fail with the "Resource not found for the segment" error. I'm on SP06 and have the gateway installed on a separate hub installation.

The situation this:

1. in /iwfnd/maint_service the 2 services with the problem originate from 2 different backend systems but they share the same name in the "Service Description" column.

2. if I execute the standard service calls like ....../Y_ABSENCE_SRV/?$format=xml they always work regardless of previous calls.

3. if I execute a call to a collection like ..../Y_ABSENCE_SRV/QuataOverviewItems it works the first time but...

4. if I afterwards execute a call to the other service then the service calls in the first service fails with the mentioned error

Has anyone experienced this and could it have anything to do with the Service Description column being the same? Any SAP note to resolve this?

Br Jan


Capture.PNG (4.5 kB)