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Former Member
Sep 09, 2013 at 09:13 AM

Prevent a SO line confirmation


Hi Folks ,

Need your help to unconfirm a SO line based on certain logic. Can you suggest me a user-exit where the unconfirm logic can be implemented and share a pseudo code to demonstrate the fields/structures that need to be changed in runtime to achive it

Here's the flow of process:

  • A purchase order is created for an intercompany purchase.
  • When the user clicks save on the PO, a routine is run to create an IDOC to create a sales order.
  • The IDOC processor reads the IDOC and prepares to create the sales order. There are user exits in the sales order create routine that will tailor the sales order data for intercompany sales. This is the spot where the logic has to be checked and the line items un-confirmed before saving the sales order.
  • After the sales order is created, an IDOC is generated that will send that sales order number back to the purchase order so that the user can see that the S.O. was created.