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Sep 08, 2013 at 04:33 PM

EPM, No data to save


Hi Experts!

I have a problem.

1. I created some Input forms by EPM, all them worked.

2. After I allowed Member formulas on the AUDITTRAIL, Created formula [AUDITTRAIL].[Other]=[AUDITTRAIL].[Input] + [AUDITTRAIL].[IC]

3. Created new input form with AUDITTRAIL. I Input values and try to save data in a result msg "No data to save"

4. I try input data in my other reports(step 1) which worked. Result msg "No data to save".

5. Created new input form I had same result - "No data to save".

If I create web Input form there is no problem all web forms save data.

I reinstall my EPM and Office but I have save problem.

Pls help solve my problem. Thank you.