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h k
Sep 08, 2013 at 02:40 PM

Can we add Additional Fields to already existing InfoCube?



I have initially loaded extracted Data from ECC into an InfoCube using VIEW concept.

Later I have added 2 columns(NETWE, WAERK) in the VIEW and created the DataSource (RSO2).

Also I included these additional fields in my InfoCube by Editing it (CTRL+F1).

I Deleted previous DataSource before Replicating, After Replicating and executing InfoPackage the Data is fine in the PSA. But while Executing DTP I am getting Error as :

'error while updating to target (type infocube) in sap bi'

'error while updating to the Target'.

Status: 'Processed with Errors'.

I deleted previous Data in the InfoCube as well before DTP.

What is the solution for this?