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Sep 08, 2013 at 01:13 PM

Populating DropDownBox


I am trying to learn SAP UI5 and am still very new. I am trying a simple example where I would like to populate a DropDownBox from a JSON Model. I am using a simple POJO bean and then passing it to Google's GSon to generate a JSON Structure. The JSON Structure is as follows:

{          "ClientName":"Demo Client",          "DoingBusinessAs":"Demo Client",          "ClientNumber":"10101010",          "ClientTypeList":[                    {"key":"Key0","text":"Value 0"},                    {"key":"Key1","text":"Value 1"},                    {"key":"Key2","text":"Value 2"},                    {"key":"Key3","text":"Value 3"},                    {"key":"Key4","text":"Value 4"},                    {"key":"Key5","text":"Value 5"},                    {"key":"Key6","text":"Value 6"},                    {"key":"Key7","text":"Value 7"},                    {"key":"Key8","text":"Value 8"},                    {"key":"Key9","text":"Value 9"}          ]}

Can someone please help me with the syntax I will need to use to populate a dropdown from the above JSON structure?